Sunday, March 4, 2007

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Whether a pregnancy is wanted or not early pregnancy symptoms are important to know about and helpful to anyone who is preparing for a possible pregnancy. They enable people to start new healthier dieting plans, get on necessary vitamin supplemental regimens, and start monitoring the health and success of their pregnancy term to ensure the best outcome for a safe and healthy newborn baby.
Some early pregnancy symptoms can sometimes be mistaken as common pre-menstrual or menstrual symptoms. These symptoms are headaches, fatigue, bloating, and mood swings. The shift in hormonal levels can most certainly make one feel happy one minute and upset the next. Though these symptoms are not experienced by all women they are common and often experienced nonetheless.
Other early pregnancy symptoms include an increase in sensitivity to smells. This can result in aversions to previously enjoyed foods and beverages, and an increase in new food and beverage cravings. It can even result in a woman feeling nauseous just by the mention or smell of a food item or non-food item that sits disagreeably with her new sensitivity to smells.
Of course one of the early pregnancy symptoms experienced by all women is the missed period. When this occurs, taking a pregnancy test can be one of the best ways to predict if the missed period is truly a sign of being pregnant or maybe a sign of stress or other such factor. In order to ensure the accuracy of a home pregnancy test, on should wait approximately one week after a missed period before taking the test. But, on rare occasions some women may continue to have a light period. In addition, it is very common for a woman’s basal body temperature to be very high during this time. If it remains high for more than 18 days, the most likely cause is that the woman is pregnant!
Some other signs of early pregnancy symptoms are that a woman may experience the enlargement of her breasts, nipples or areolas, as well as the areolas darkening in color. And sometimes, a woman’s veins might become more visibly prominent during this time as well.
There are some cases where some women have been lucky enough to not suffer from any of the common early pregnancy symptoms, except of course missing one’s period. There are even some cases where some women have only been affected for a brief moment with one or more of the symptoms. It is possible it could be due to a healthy diet or simply good genes, but regardless, knowing the facts can be helpful!

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